Automatic 3 Ply Face Mask Machine also known as the C-type face mask machine, is the fully automatic machine for producing the folded face mask by using ultrasonic technology to bond the 3 layers PP non-woven, activated carbon and filter materials. This mask making machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of Surgical Face Masks. The production process is as follows: the entire roll of fabric is unrolled and driven by rollers, and the fabric is automatically folded and hemmed; the bridge of the nose is rolled and unrolled, cut to length, and then introduced into the hemmed fabric. After ultrasonic side-sealing, it is cut and shaped by a cutter; the mask is transported to the mask ear band welding station through an assembly line, and the final mask is formed by ultrasonic welding; when the mask is completed, it is transported to a flat beltline for collection through an assembly line, Automatic 3 Ply Face Mask Machine, Fully Automatic 3 Ply Face Mask Making Machine, Mask Making Machine, Surgical Mask Making Machine in Gujarat, India

fully automatic 3 ply face mask making machine