The High speed Twin Track T-shirt bag making machine, Masking Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine Model HSP-VTX-350 Delta is able to run at a maximum speed of 220 Strokes/minute and thus get a production of 440 Bags/min. You can simultaneously run 2 Printed Pre-Gusseted Tubular Roll on the machine. The machine is equipped with Two Servo Motor & Drive System with Dual Photocell for sensing the Print Mark and thus it is possible to convert 2 Rolls simultaneously The film is Sealed and Cut using a Hot Knife and stacked together Automatically into bunches of 50 bags. Once the Batch count is reached, the Gripper function on the machine will take the Bunch of bags forward to the Online Punching station where the Handle Punching is done and you get the ready finished bags on the Auto Conveyor

Features of High Speed Twin Track T-shirt Bag Making Machine :

High Speed Twin Track T-shirt Bag Making Machine Technical Specification :

Lane Servo Max. Web Max. Bag Thickness Max. Speed Connected Approx. Comp.Air Dimensions
mm mm Microns Strokes/min Load KW Weight kg cfm WxLxH cms
1 1 450 450 X 700 10 – 50 200 X  1 9.5 1800 20-25 130 X 575 X 180
2 2 350 350 X 650 10 – 50 220 X 2 14 2800 30 – 35 170 X 575 X 181
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