This is a high speed bottom seal bag making machine uses a tubular roll of different sizes to make regular bottom seal bags and with other various attachments. LDPE , HDPE , PP materials can be used on this machine. There are various models differentiated by Web width which one can select as per ones requirement.

Feature :

Attachments :

The following optional attachments / tools are available to add features to the machine and make variety of bag structures:

Technical Specification :

Max.Web DrawLength mm Max.speed Connected Approx Dimension
With mm Max Strokes/min Connected Weight Kg WxLxHmm
400 600 170 6.0 1150 1250x2780x1370
500 800 170 6.5 1300 1370x2780x1370
600 900 150 7.0 1400 1570x2780x1370
#alt_tagbottom seal bag machine
#alt_tagbottom seal bag machine