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This is a high speed bottom seal bag making machine, BOPP Tape Coating MachineBottom Seal Bag Machine uses a tubular roll of different sizes to make regular bottom seal bags and with other various attachments. LDPE, HDPE, PP materials can be used on this machine. There are various models differentiated by Web width which one can select as per ones requirement.

Bottom Seal Bag Machine Features :

Bottom Seal Bag Machine Attachments :

The following optional attachments / tools are available to add features to the machine and make variety of bag structures:

Bottom Seal Bag Machine Technical Specification :

Max.Web DrawLength mm Max.speed Connected Approx Dimension
With mm Max Strokes/min Connected Weight Kg WxLxHmm
400 600 170 6.0 1150 1250x2780x1370
500 800 170 6.5 1300 1370x2780x1370
600 900 150 7.0 1400 1570x2780x1370
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