LDPE PP Waste Washing Plant (Film Grade) is use for wash the material from municipal waste or Road Waste. This is the Completely fully Automatic Plant to Wash the material. The final Product of the Material will be in Flacks or Chips foam

Plant Model OI PW 300 OI PW 500 OI PW1000 OI PW 1500
Product Capacity 300 Kg/HR 500 Kg/HR 1000 Kg/HR 1500 Kg/HR
Workshop (LxWxH) 40m x 7.5m x 6m 42m x 10m x 6m 70m x 12m x 6m 75m x 15m x 6m
Needed Worker 3-4 Persons 5-6 Persons 7-8 Person 10-12 Persons
Water Supply (Recycle Use) 2-3Ton/Hr 3 – 5 Ton/Hr 7-10 Ton/Hr 10-15Ton/Hr
Final Product Moisture: Max 1%
Bulk Density :0.3g/CM3
Particle Size: 10-18mm
Metal Content: Max.20ppm
Floatable Contamination : Less Than 200ppm
Total Impurity: 100 – 320ppm