BOPP Tape Coating Machine Plant Complete in all respects With Two Web Aligner Units, Heaters, Blower, Motor with Panel and all accessories as per Technical Specification :

  • Machine Type : Coating Machine
  • Lamination Web Width : 1350 mm – 1650 mm
  • Machine Speed : 30-40 Mtrs/min
  • Maximum Roll dia : 800mm Unwind / Rewind
  • Machine Height x Width x Length : 10 x 980 x 75 feet
  • Main Drive : One common D.C. Motor
  • Chilling Roller Drive : D.C. Motor
  • Unwind Drive : Mechanical Break
  • Winding Drive : D.C. Motor with Dimmer
  • Impression Roll Function : Manual
  • Doctor Blade Function : Manual
  • Drying Chamber : Electric Heating Systems
  • of Drying Chamber : Eight
  • Web Guiding : Auto
BOPP TAPE COATING PLANT, Bopp Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine

Electric Connected Load

  • Main Drive : 5 H.P. D.C.
  • Chilling Roller Drive : 3 H.P. D.C
  • Blower : 1 H.P. x 8
  • Heater System : 24 KW
  • Exhaust Blower : 2 H.P
  • Web Aligner : 2 H.P
  • Winding Drive : 5 H.P. D.C.

Unwinding Unit

  • 2 Nos. all side shaped C.I. Plates / Maximum outer reel dia 800mm
  • 1 o. Unwinder Shaft (EN-8) mounted on bearings both the side with Check Nut and Core Holder
  • Web Aligner Unit compete with Tracking Frame
  • Unwinding Tension controlled with mechanical break by manually or Auto Tension
  • Controller (if required)

Coating Station Unit


  • 2 Nos. all side shaped C.I. Plate 45mm
  • Plate Height – 1500mm x Width – 500mm x 45mm Thickness
  • Aluminum Guide Roller with (EN-8) shaft, collar with bearing
  • Gear Box with highly efficient spiral bevel gears with neutral arrangement,
  • Inches Roller (Engraving) and Rubber Roller with fixed shaft connected to the sliding bracket with bearings Both the side, Rubber Roll will be functioned & operated manually or pneumatically (if required)
  • Mare bar Systems System with assembly, this assembly is forced on the (Inches Roll) Coating Roll. It will be Functioned & operated manually or pneumatically (if required)
  • Gum Tray for Coating Station
  • Blind temperature controller / indicator

Electrical and Electronic Unit

  • Three Motor with synchronized system with common control cabinet having control for main switch for electrical supply with speed control thyristor, temperature indicating controller, one off switches for blower ,heater, web guiding etc.
  • Emergency push button at coating station will be provided
  • Electrical connections are as per mention above in electric connected load.