Application of Synthetic String Plant:

Features of Sutli Plant :

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Synthetic String (Sutli) Plant Technical Specification :

Plant Model Screw Size(MM) Screw Size L/D Ration Feed Section Type Die Width Type(MM) No. of Station Winder Max Production Capacity kg/hr. Total Connected Load(kw) Polymer to be Processed Dimension of Plant(Feet)
OEPL SSP 40 40 28:1 Smooth feed 250 8 20 25 PP 40 8 8
OEPL SSP 50 50 28:1 Smooth feed 350 12 35 31 PP 45 8 8
OEPL SSP 65 65 28:1 Smooth feed 500 18 60 43.5 PP 60 10 8
OEPL SSP 75 75 28:1 Smooth feed 700 24 100 66 PP 70 12 10
OEPL SSP 90 90 28:1 Smooth feed 900 36 140 91 PP 90 20 10
Note : The Information is Provided for the Purpose of Guideline & Indication only and Doesn’t form any kind of Commitments.

Revolutionize Packaging Efficiency with Synthetic String (Sutli) Plant

In the ever-evolving landscape of packaging solutions, Ocean International stands at the forefront as a distinguished manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of the cutting-edge Synthetic String (Sutli) Plant. This innovative plant redefines packaging possibilities, offering an array of applications across diverse industries.

Versatile Applications of Synthetic String Plant

The Synthetic String Plant from Ocean International finds its efficacy across a spectrum of industries, catering to varied packaging needs. From facilitating wooden box packing to enhancing the efficiency of textile cloth, rice bags, and paper packing, this solution adapts seamlessly to multifaceted requirements. Its versatility extends to pivotal industries like Jute, Textile, Paper, and Cotton, where it streamlines operations and optimizes packaging processes.

Key Features of Sutli Plant

  • Sturdiness: The Synthetic String (Sutli) Plant boasts unparalleled strength, ensuring durability and reliability in packaging applications. Its robust construction guarantees resilience, providing a secure and steadfast binding solution for various materials.

  • Superior Performance: Ocean International’s plant sets a benchmark in performance, delivering consistent and efficient results. Its precision-engineered design and advanced functionalities ensure an unmatched level of productivity, meeting the demands of high-paced packaging environments with ease.

Innovative Solutions for Corrugated Box Packing

A standout feature of the Sutli Plant lies in its transformative impact on corrugated box packing. By integrating this cutting-edge solution, businesses can revolutionize their packaging processes, enhancing the strength and integrity of corrugated boxes. This innovation serves as a catalyst for elevating packaging standards, ensuring product safety and security throughout transportation and storage.

Ocean International’s Synthetic String (Sutli) Plant isn’t merely a packaging solution; it’s a testament to ingenuity and efficiency in the realm of industrial packaging. Embrace this groundbreaking technology to unlock a new era of packaging excellence, where sturdiness, performance, and adaptability converge to redefine industry standards.