The Automatic machine will convert either a Tubular roll or a Lay flat film into a Side Seal bag and Attach the Loop handle or a Reinforced Patch handle Automatically inline on the machine. The machine is equipped with a Dual Servo System for higher productivity and to maintain tension on the film. The machine is capable of running upto a maximum speed of 100 Strokes/min.

Feature :

Attachments :

The following optional attachments / tools are available to add features to the machine and make variety of bag structures:
soft loop patch handle bag machine

Types Of Bags That Can Be Made

automatic soft loop patch handle bag machine

Technical Specification :

Handle Bag Width Bag Length Tap Fold Bottom Gust Thickness Max.Speed Connected Weight Comp.Air Dimensions
Type mm mm mm Max. mm Microns Bags/min Load KW Kg. cfm WxLxH cms
Soft Loop 280-500 250-600 70-75 75 50-90 80 14 3300 25 – 30 255 X 828 X 202
Patch 250-500 250-600        – 75 50-90 75
Die Cut 250-500 250-600        – 75 50-90- 120