PET Reprocess plant is use for Melting the PET Bottle Flacks into Granules foam and use into different machine such as injection molding, Blow Molding to making the Preform or Other Applications. Granules making capacity is depend on Machine efficiency & Screw Barrel Capacity and Motor Capacity. To making Granules from the PET Flacks, customer have to required Dehumidifier & Crystallizer before the granules making Process

Plant Model Screw (MM) Screw Size L/D Ratio Feed Type Max Prod Capacity (Kgs/Hr) Main Drive (HP) Dimension of Plant (Feet)
OIPETRP 80 80 28:1 Smooth Feed 80  30 40 6 18
OIPETRP 90 90 Smooth Feed 120 40 45 6 20
OIPETRP 100 100 Smooth Feed 180 50 45 6 20
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